Games 100 Award Winner!   Fast!  Loud!  Funny! 

You might get a little FRAZZLED as you try to beat your friends in being the first player to yell out a word that matches the CHOSEN category and starts with the letter that the JUDGE just turned over!  

Everyone takes turns being the JUDGE (who gets the all-important gavel!)

 The JUDGE chooses one of the many categories surrounding the board.  One of which is labeled, “Make up your own” - which allows for endless and crazy categories!

Ages 7+   $19.95



Those who love such challenges as "find the hidden pictures" and "which two faces are exactly the same?" will revel in this unique African pattern building game. Players take turns placing one of their own color glass beads on a hexagonal grid, trying to complete a row of beads that match a chosen sequence. The row can be as few as three beads (for beginners) or up to six (as skills increase). Two factors contribute to the rich complexity of the game. Although the pattern is selected in advance, each player may have a different vision of where the pattern is forming and with which colors. The board is continually in flux as each successive bead placement may require players to switch mental gears to see new opportunities. Moreover, as in Word-Find puzzles, the sequence can go forward or backward in any direction, so one player might suddenly detect a correct pattern that no one had previously noticed, and thereby become the winner.

The rules are so simple, and the strategy so open-ended that this game should earn a permanent place in the family's game collection.

Ages 10+   $19.95


State Debate is a collection of 50 games that can be played with the State Debate cards that come with the book. The high quality cards are filled with information on the front and have full color picture of the flag and state on the back. Time zones are also included on the back and each state is color coded according to if it is a coastal or landlocked state.

The card box comes in a reusable vinyl pouch that is attached to the front of the book so the book and cards are always kept together.

There are games for 7 year olds and games for adults. There are geography games, math games, reasoning games, language games, and memory games. There are games that are designed for two players and some that work well in a large group or classroom setting.

Ages 7+   $16.95


Learning / Fun


Games 100 Award Winner!



Fact-filled state cards.  Lost the book?  Don’t have the book? Go to our “GAME RULES” page and find game rules that can be used with these award-winning cards!   Watch for new games to be posted in the future!

Ages 7+   $6.95

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