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Thinklers! : A Collection of Brain Ticklers

   Our brain busting best seller!  Five challenging chapters and over 300 pages will keep you, your family, and friends pondering, puzzling, and perplexed for hours on end. 


Over 1600 Position Puzzles!

Over 800 TWOsomes!

Over 600 Commonyms!

Over 1800 Rhyme Time riddles!


Over 200 Ask Me More riddles!


A MUST-HAVE  for families, classrooms, and businesses!

Ages 10+   $16.95      ISBN# 978-0-9703729-1-8

best seller
Thinklers2 Cover

Thinklers! 2 : More Brain Ticklers

  Done with Thinklers! 1?   Ready for more of the same challenges and four new chapters?

Over 800 more Position Puzzles!

Over 600 What's the Word puzzles!

Over 1800 Two-Tip Trivia questions!

Over 1900 Say What? puzzles!


Over 600 Palindrome challenges!


Ages 10+   $16.95          ISBN# 978-0-9703729-7-0



Think 3 covertemp

Thinklers! 3 : Even More Brain Ticklers

  Done with Thinklers! 1& 2?    Here it is!                 ***Now Shipping!

Over 400 more Position Puzzles!

Over 300 Here to There puzzles!

Over 500 This to That puzzles!

Over 1900 Two-Tip Trivia? questions!


Over 400 What’s the Word? puzzles!


Ages 10+   $16.95          ISBN#978-0-9977959-1-2




Science Stumpers : Brain-Busting Scenarios Solved with Science

Children and adults can learn quite a lot from this fun-filled collection of bite-sized science mysteries. Each brain teaser-like Science Stumper consists of two pages. The first page provides the set-up, a mini-story that uses fictional characters to describe a set of events that often have counterintuitive results. Each set-up ends by inviting the reader to speculate on the mysterious outcome that, as it turns out, can be predicted and explained through an understanding of scientific principles. The following page gives the answer along with supplemental information that helps flesh out the reader's understanding. Science Stumpers has a game-like quality that kids enjoy both solo and in group settings. It's a fun and engaging approach that excites learners of all ages and covers scientific topics ranging from subatomic to interstellar, with many fascinating peculiarities along the way. Science Stumpers contains well over 100 mini-mysteries and solutions.        *Tillywig Brain Child Award        *Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

 Ages 8+   $16.95     ISBN# 978-0-9703729-8-7

Learning / Fun


Algebra Summary Sheets

Tools for reviewing and remembering mathematical concepts are as varied and diverse as the students who employ them. Algebra Summary Sheets is a carefully crafted collection of 9 X 11 inch posters designed to help learners memorize and retain some of the most common algebraic concepts and procedures. Each poster displays a fair amount of interrelated information on a given topic such as order of operations, linear equations, polynomials, solving quadratic equations, functions, and many others. Part of what makes these posters so effective is the way in which each page organizes information as highly digestible chunks within an interrelated whole. This approach allows students to review a significant amount of key information in a relatively small amount of time, their retention growing with each successive pass. Includes 65 posters, each covering a different algebraic concept.              Ages 10+   $16.95     ISBN# 978-0-9703729-9-4 

Learning / Fun


Brain Child Award

Learning / Fun


Number Wonders : A Book of Amazing Number Facts

Yes, this book CAN be judged by its TITLE - which really says it all.                                                                                                         
Hours of jaw-dropping facts, all topically categorized. FUN!

An eclectic collection of scientific and humorous numbers all rolled into one book.

"How many times does the average American eat at McDonald's during a lifetime?" Answer: 1,811 trips to McD's.


Ages 7+   $14.95             ISBN# 978-0-9703729-5-6

History Myteries (2)

History Mysteries : A New Twist on Time-Lines

This is NOT a Common Core book!   Common core covers the deep - which is good!  We cover the WIDE - which is good, too!   Ask a kid these days when Paul Revere made his famous ride and chances are they haven't even heard of Revere!  

History Mysteries is a collection of over 35 games that can be played with the formatted time-lines.   Also included is a section for other activities for learning history.  

What happens when you play with information?  You learn it!  

History Mysteries helps get users/players familiar with the names, events, and dates of historical significance so if they need to go deeper, they have a good base to build on.  

A great road trip, home-school, or classroom book!    Ages 8+  $14.95           ISBN# 978-0-9703729-4-9

Learning / Fun


Dreams Screams, & JellyBeans! : Poems for All Ages

                                                              From the author of REINDOLPHINS!


Delightful verse!  Wonderful art!

     You’ll love it from the second you start!


Witty, warm, playful and bold!

   Fun for the young.  Good for the old!


Share in the classroom.  Read it at home.

     From the front to the back, poem after poem!


Ages 7+   $12.95             ISBN# 978-0-9703729-2-5


IMG_0660 2

Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale

A delightful story with stunning illustrations!   Hardbound for lasting durability - ‘cause this one will be read and reread and reread and reread....   

Excerpts from OnlineBookClub.org Review of, "Reindolphins"; "When I first saw the title, "Reindolphins", I was expecting something cheesy and quickly thrown together. Luckily, that couldn't have been further from the truth! This is absolutely one of the most delightful children's books I've ever seen. The illustrations (by Lisa Santa Cruz) are exceptional, making this effectively a stellar piece collection of Christmas art. The entire time I read the book I couldn't help but think this is one that belongs in libraries and book stores, and should be a new classic for families to read every Christmas. As such, this is a title that's easily worthy of 4 out of 4 stars, and I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone who celebrates Christmas and has kids to read it to!" --OnlineBookClub.org

Readers’ Favorite Excerpt: "...the unique vintage design ensures that Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale will possibly someday be referred to as a classic Christmas tale, alongside other greats such as Mistletoe Over Manhattan, Miracle on 34th Street and The Grinch that Stole Christmas. Christmas stories are always fun, and Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale is no exception. I recommend this book to readers, young and old, who enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit at such a magical time of the year. - Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Tillywig Toy & Media Awards - 2017 Parents’ Favorite Award                                This utterly charming tale of Santa's efforts to find animals to help deliver gifts during his ailing Reindeers' (chicken pox!) absence is as amusing as it is heartwarming. That the droves of applicants for the job must pass a test produces wildly hilarious results. It turns out that having elephants land on your roof leads to unpleasant complications. Skunks, too, turn out to be less than optimal, as anyone with a nose will understand. We won't spoil the fun by recounting the details of other tryouts. Let's just say that hippos, bunnies, pigs, cats, monkeys, gorillas, otters, hyenas, chameleons and several other species do not make the cut. It turns out that dolphins, as the title implies, have the right stuff! The writing, rhyming and full color illustrations in this hardcover book are all top-notch, making for an unforgettable adventure and new holiday tradition that kids love to read, hear and share!

Ages 5+   $16.95          ISBN# 978-0-9977959-0-5