What was the MISSING PIECE?

At Missing Piece Press we have created products that fill the gap between classroom and home.  Products that have enough thinking value and educational value to be used in the classroom but are intriguing enough - fun enough - to be used at home.

We wanted to create books and games that made young minds think but at the same time could tickle and challenge the adult brains.

Based on the feedback, the sales, and the awards, we feel we are accomplishing our goal!   Some of our products still focus on a little narrower age or interest level - our Award-Winning book Algebra Summary Sheets is a good example.

But, most of our books and games, like ShanJari, can challenge the young and old alike.

This year we are publishing our first full-color hard-bound children's book. It is DELIGHTFUL!

Please enjoy learning more about our products on the BOOKS and GAMES pages.

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